K-Tec Earthmovers have released a new land leveler model to expand the company’s product offering to agricultural contractors and farming professionals. The K-Tec 2822 Flex land leveler has been designed for precision field leveling and drainage projects. The K-Tec 2822 heavy duty land leveler is 28 feet wide, offering a productive and precise towed implement.

Various advancements are included as standard features such as walking axle, single simplistic tilt, and depth & slope meter level gauge. The unique moldboard curve design enables superior rolling of dirt. The units are also compatible with dual GPS/laser for precision grading work. An LED light package, rear hitch, and custom cutting-edge configurations are additional options available.

The revolutionary 2822 Flex model enables the folding back of the hitchpole, pivoting the machine 90 degrees to drop down a set of transportation axles for a legal road transportation width of under 8.5’. This is ideal to transport the leveler between fields or jobsites, with the same tractor unit without the need of a trailer.