De-Warping Records

If you have some of those old antique ’78 records that have become warped, try this: put the record between two sheets of glass and place on a flat surface outside on a sunshiny day. After the sun sets and it’s cooler, remove the glass and the record will be flat once again. Be sure to store the record flat in the protective sleeve.  A good thing to know for those of us with some of those ‘golden oldies’.

-tip submitted by JK, WI


Pre-Wash Those Muddy Jeans

My boys like to go fishing and always seem to come home caked with mud from the edges of the pond. The kids wash off pretty easy, but their jeans are another story–my washing machine would still have mud in it after the cycle was over. So, I now lay the jeans out on the lawn (the neighbors think I’m certifiably nuts) and I use the sprayer that goes on the garden hose with the nozzle turned to stream. It knocks all of the muck and mud loose and out of the jeans onto the grass, which doesn’t hurt it one bit. I use a bucket to take the rinsed out jeans to the washing machine and wash as usual. Result: clean jeans, clean washer!

-tip submitted by RT, IN


No More Lost Shoelace

My kids are always pulling the plastic ends off of their shoelaces, and then losing the shoelaces. It drives me crazy because after finally find the lost laces, rethreading those things in a pain–especially when trying to get ready for school  each morning.

I’ve hit on a solution that works for me: I take a pair of tweezers and pull those frayed ends through each of the holes in the shoes and then I tie a knot at the end of each of the laces so it can’t come out again. We just pull the laces up, tie the bow and they are off. No more frantic search for lost laces, tearful children and frazzled mothers!

-tip submitted by MB, SD


Cheap And Easy Weed Spray

This was sent in by a subscriber. I have not tried it yet, but I will give it a try when I get the opportunity.

Mix in a 2-gallon pump up hand sprayer, and shake well the following:

  • 1 gallon of vinegar
  • 2 cups powdered Epsom Salts
  • ¼ cup blue Dawn dish soap

In the morning after the dew is gone from the grass, spray the solution on the weeds and just walk away.  If you go back to check in the late afternoon, the weeds will be dead.

-tip submitted by KSV, NM


Skunk Scent Killer For Clothes

Need to get rid of skunk spray? Just put one cup of Pine-Sol cleaner in you washer and set the washer to run through a complete cycle. After that has finished, do another complete cycle with your regular laundry detergent. This should get the foul smell out of your clothing.

-tip submitted by BD, WY


Cake Decorating on the Cheap!

I took my son to his friend’s birthday party last week and the birthday boy’s mother had the neatest idea for decorating the top of his cake that I just had to pass it along.

She used the colored Alphabet Cereal pieces to spell out ‘Happy Birthday Dear Bobby’ on the top of his cake and then she used the ‘O’ pieces to hold the little birthday candles in place.

She said that the cereal is easier for the little ones to chew (there were several toddlers at the party), it’s way cheaper that buying the decorations made of sugar and she doesn’t have to worry about a little one choking on a hard piece of candy decoration.

-tip submitted by ML, AZ


Storage For a Sick Room

My nephew was gravely ill for several weeks last winter and spent the most of his time in bed.  His mother used an old dish drainer to hold all of his coloring books, drawing pads and even his school books and papers. The little holder for the silverware held his markers, pencils and crayons quite nicely. It was easy for him to get the items he wanted and the rack was easily set on the side of the dresser when he was done for the day.

-tip submitted by WM, MI


Nail Saver

Many folks have those acrylic nails on fingers and toes. They look beautiful, but to keep them looking nice can be expensive. If one gets broken or damaged in some way, it’s another trip to the salon for repairs. A reader wrote that she’s had trouble with those little metal pouring spouts on things like salts and some kinds of cereal grains, but has figured out a way to prevent damage and save her nails. She says it works so well, she wanted to share. I admire folks that can wear fingernails–acrylic or otherwise. Mine are kept short because I never know what kind of a mess I’m going to be into next!

She uses the clear packing tape because it’s stronger than the stuff kept on your desk. She cuts a narrow strip about 3” long and puts part of it inside of the open pouring spout, folding it back on itself, leaving another inch to be placed on the outside of the spout.  She then has a 1” long double thickness tape handle she can pull on to open the spout without ruining her expensive manicure.

-tip submitted by LB, IA


by Paula Vogelgesang

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