Laminate flooring is wonderful, but some folks have trouble keeping it looking good.  Here's what has worked for me: I bought a mop with a microfiber pad and just use water.  The microfiber picks up every little bit of dust on the floor and I don't have to buy any cleaner at all! (I got a package of microfiber towels and made some replacement pads for the mop so I can just wash them…) – WS, OR
Chopping Tomatoes
I watched my daughter-in-law chop some canned tomatoes the other day and was amazed!  She took her pair of kitchen shears and snipped through the tomatoes….still in the can!  Then dumped out the chopped tomatoes into her dish and stirred them in.  I couldn't believe my eyes…but it sure works! – SE, NV
Be Prepared For Winter Driving
It's a little early for this hint, but not too soon to begin gathering what you need.
Save your old liquid laundry detergent bottles, wash them out and let them dry real well.
Then, either put in cat litter or sand, put the lid on and put them in the trunk of your car.  Use it when you need a little traction on the ice.  With the screw on lid, you avoid spills and keep the trunk clean…and the handle keeps your hands clean as well. – DS, WY
Shop Smart
Shopping with a list will help you to 'think twice' before buying something that caught your eye in the store.  It's called 'impulse purchases' and this practice is why lots of folks are in debt today. When I NEED something, I put it on a list and then research for the best deals before parting with my hard-earned money. I may not have everything I THINK I WANT, but I have everything I NEED…with no debt. – SS, MI
Patched Bags = Dollars Saved!
I needed some more potting soil for my plants and went to a garden store to get it.  They had several bags with holes in them that had been patched with silver tape….and were marked down to 1/2 the price of the not-holey bags.
I figured that the patched bags had lost maybe a quart or two of soil, but not enough to make a difference….so, I bought all the 'holey' bags' they had.  The stuff keeps and I got 4 bags for the price of two! – LK, IA


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Best Stain Remover

I swear by Dawn original blue dish detergent to pre-treat and successfully remove laundry stains.  I do not ever buy stain sprays, sticks or liquids and have not for years!  Just apply to both sides of the stain on the fabric, and gently rub/scrub it into the stain.
Removes ketchup, barbecue sauce, food oils, dirty motor oil etc, without damaging fabric.  I've even used it to remove ketchup, barbecue sauce and the like from carpeting with very good results.  Not sure if any of the store-brand 'compare to' varieties of it work as well since I am 100% loyal to the real thing.  I do not even care if I might save a few pennies if the cheap stuff actually worked…. Plus, my kids and I enter the bottle codes to help support their wildlife rescue program!