This must be the year for crickets!  Now I know they are supposed to be good luck, but, when there are drifts of crickets alongside of the buildings and hundreds of them crawling in the house, it is time to take action.  They eat clothing, books and anything else ‘munchable’ – so, to get rid of crickets without poison, this is what I do:
I take an old ice cube tray (the ones with the removable centers) and pour in about 1/2 inch of molasses and set it alongside the wall. The crickets are drawn to the smell of the molasses, crawl in, stick and die.
I also use the sticky mousetraps. They work the same as the molasses, or, you can use the fly strips that folks usually hang from the ceiling. Just lay them on a strip of brown paper grocery bag (again, along the wall) and the critters get stuck in them and die. It’s an easy matter to fold the paper over the deceased insects and dispose of them.


Boot crème softener
When your jar of that expensive boot creme gets too dry, a little liquid wax will help to soften it. Just set the jar in a warm place for a few hours after adding the wax and then stir the whole with a fork to mix it all together.

Stair painting
When painting steps, paint every other step and walk on the dry ones. When the first steps are completely dry, repeat the process with the remaining steps, and you never step in wet paint!!

Seeding in safety

If you want to reseed your lawn this fall and not have the birds chomp up that expensive lawn seed, get a bottle of bluing at the local grocery store (it’s in the laundry section). Soak the grass seed in a mixture of bluing and water until the seed is a dark blue and then scatter as usual.

Bargain bedspreads
If your children are hard on those expensive bedspreads, get some heavy terry cloth beach towels when they are on sale for a couple of dollars in the bargain bin.   I’ve used them for the past three years on my boys’ bunk beds and they still look nice.
They tumble and roughhouse so much the old spreads were always a mess.  The towels wash easily and the boys, 8 and 10 can spread them out themselves.

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A shoe bag hung behind the door in the family room becomes storage for:
  • Game pieces such as checkers
  • Decks of cards
  • Ping pong balls
  • Score pads for table games
  • Paper back books for reading
  • Tape, scissors, etc for crafts
  • Chalk, erasers, dry markers, etc.