Haircut helper: Before you give your son or husband a haircut, dust the back of their neck with cornstarch.  Those little short hairs won’t stick to their skin and make them miserable with the poking and itching. – LP, MN

When my hand lotion gets low in the tube, I turn the container upside down for a few hours and then cut the tube in half.  I can then get all of the lotion out of the tube and not waste any of it.  Some of the hand lotions are quite expensive and this will save you money in the long run.

Save some major money on kitchen remodeling by just switching out door and drawer handles and knobs for new ones.  They can change the look of the whole room and it’s much cheaper than replacing all thus cabinets and counter tops. – LP, MN

If you have important papers in your home and no place to keep them, store them in your deep freeze in doubled plastic bags.  A fire may damage the freezer, but since it’s well insulated, it probably won’t burn completely. – LP, MN

To keep worms from destroying your sweet corn crop after the cobs have formed and the ears have begun to form silk, mix one tablespoon of cheap vanilla with one quart of water and spritz each ear with a spray bottle.  This has to be repeated after each rain, or if you use overhead sprinklers to water the garden. – Adeline D, ND

A quick hint for those of you who are just learning how to knit: If you use dark colored needles with the light colored yarn, you can see the stitches more easily and catch any mistakes right away. – KL, NE

I use a pair of those fuzzy yellow chore gloves when dusting my mini-blinds.  They pick up the dust just as well as one of those ‘duster things’ and I can just wash them and put them back in the chore basket instead of tossing them. – SM, IA

I use a very small paintbrush with stiff bristles to clean out around the bobbin and feed dogs on my sewing machine.  The brush was part of a set of art brushes and my husband cut the handle off for me so I can hold it more easily. This brush works better than any machine brush I’ve ever had. – LE, IA

I recently attended my grandson’s wedding and came up with a novel idea for wrapping their gift, which was a handmade quilt with matching shams.  I took a laundry basket and put the quilt, shams and some new pillows in the basket and then wrapped the whole things in a new sheet.  (The other sheet and the pillowcases were in the bottom of the laundry basket.)  The only wrapping material that I bought was a spool of ribbon for $1 to tie the sheet together at the top of the basket. – OJ, TN

When you cook a big pot of spaghetti or other pasta, you can prevent a boil-over mess by putting just a little bit of cooking oil around the top inch or so of the cooking pot. – RB, WI


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  Make Your Own Non-Abrasive Cleaner…
Here is a favorite recipe of mine for a non-abrasive cleaner for glass topped cook stoves, stainless steel sinks, porcelain sinks or anything else that needs a good cleaning.  In fact, I use this stuff on my no-stick baking pans and cooking pots and it works great.  I thought maybe some of your readers would enjoy the ‘cheapness.’

4 Tablespoons of baking soda
Mix together:
1/2 cup of lemon juice
1/4-cup vinegar (doesn’t matter what kind)

Dampen the spot(s) you need to scrub and then sprinkle well with the soda.  I mix my solution in a little bowl, but some of my friends use a spray bottle. Soak down the soda on the bad spot and let it sit there for a good 10 minutes.  I then go to scrubbing with my plastic scrubbie (one of those sponge/scrubber plastic things made for non-stick.  Rinse with clear water and dry if needed.  This has no chemical smell and that is so important in my house as we have allergies to almost everything. – NJ, WY

(I just purchased a 12-pound bag of baking soda at a box store for $4.  I think I’m going to have cleaner for a long, long time. But then, I’ve always used soda and water as a scrub for my bathroom sinks and countertops.  It cleans well and costs almost nothing.)