To clean your window screens this spring before putting them back on the house, simply lay them across a couple of sawhorses and then wash them with a fuzzy paint roller dipped in a bucket or pan of hot soapy water.  Rinse the screens clean with a hose and put them on the windows. – JB, SD

If you stretch a heavy rubber band across the top of your paint can, you can wipe the brush on the rubber and it will go right back into the paint can instead of getting all over the edge and maybe causing the can not to seal up right. – CS, IA

Pry the ball out of an empty  roll-on deodorant bottle.  Fill it with your favorite hair shampoo and keep it by your washing machine so you can roll the soap onto the ‘ring around the collar’ before washing that good shirt or blouse.  It’s cheap and works just as well as that expensive spray stuff found in the laundry soap aisle. – SE, NE

If you need to make chocolate curls for decorating a cake, just get out your potato peeler and peel off the edges of room temperature chocolate. They look really professional and it only takes a couple of minutes to decorate the top of the whole cake.

I made some place mats to match one of the walls in my dining room by covering pieces of the leftover wallpaper with the clear sticky backed paper you can get in the hardware store.  I didn’t want to throw away the leftover pieces because the paper was quite expensive and this was a way to get some use out of the chunks. – MES, IN

When I bake anything, I line up all the ingredients on the left side of my counter and as I add them to whatever I am making, I put the ingredients on the right side of the counter.  This way, if I get interrupted by a phone call, a crying child or someone at the door, I always know where I am when I get back to my mixing. – Sara M,  ND
I’ve never seen this in any of your hints and thought you might like to share this with others. We have several pets that enjoy occasional treats and this one is a favorite of all of them, dogs and cats alike. When I fry bacon for breakfast or lunch sandwiches,  or when I make french fries for my children, I drain them on slices of day-old bread instead of paper toweling.  These are then cut into pieces and given as treats to the animals on occasion. They really look forward to their own ‘special treat’. – ILA S, IA
A pencil eraser can be pushed onto the end of a corsage pin after pinning on the flowers, preventing pin sticks or damage to the fabric of your garment. – AH, MN

My grandmother gave my 3-year-old son her old iron to play with in his sandbox.  (She cut the cord off before she gave it to him.)  He loves the thing–he can push the sand around and make roads for his cars and trucks. What a way to recycle an old iron! – SUE L, WY
My dad had a favorite sweater that he absolutely loved, but the elbows gave out after years of wear and we couldn’t get him to give up that sweater–so my cousin took an old felt hat from a yard sale and cut elbow patches from it.  She stitched them onto the sweater by hand and gave it back to him. He absolutely loves his ‘new’ sweater! – DF, NE
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