Eyeglass Cleaner
I cut a piece 3×3 or so off of a microfiber towel and then ‘zig-zaged’ the edges.  I keep one in my purse and one in my car.  The towels quickly wipe off eyeglass lenses and keep them shiny clean. – VMS, SD

Cheap Window Dryer
Grandma used to use old crumpled up newspapers to dry her windows when she washed them. They didn’t have paper towels and even if they would have been available, she wouldn’t have used them. Old newspapers were FREE! (The neighbors shared their newspaper with my grandparents.) – JE, VT

Broom Dust Cover
Use an old shirt sleeve to make a permanent broom cover for dusting in high places.  Simply cut the sleeve off at the elbow, sew the end shut, slip the cover over the broom and button/snap the cuff around the broom handle. – MR, SD

(Paula says: This tip is one I intend to use. I’ve been fighting ‘daddy long legs’ spiders for years now and they leave webs everywhere. I’ve sprayed and sprayed, but they must come in from outside somewhere in this old house of mine!)

‘BUZZARD BREATH’ in a Garbage Disposal?
We got a letter from a reader:
I have a ‘stinky’ problem in my kitchen.  My garbage disposal has developed ‘bad breath’. How can I fix it? – MS, AZ

(Paula says: When I looked through my files I found this tip: Cut up a whole lemon and grind it through the disposal to remove odors and give the kitchen a nice fresh smell)


Block Dresser Knobs
I am in the process of painting a small dresser for my 3-year-old son and was looking for some knobs in the hardware store.  My friend suggested to me that I use some of those wooden blocks that I got in a box of ‘junk’ at a yard sale last summer.

We looked to blocks over, drilled holes through the middle of them and screwed them to the dresser drawers.  They look so neat, and my son is learning the names of the letters and numbers on his knobs – Sara J, UT

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