An inexpensive ‘mother-up’ for cattle is plain old Vicks Vapo-Rub.  Smear some on the back of the calf and put plenty on the cow’s nose.
This works every time!  I put the pair in a dark pen back in the corner of the barn and have had over 20 cows take calves that wouldn’t have otherwise. The menthol is all they can smell, and as soon as the milk goes through the cow and into the calf, you have a pair!
(Paula says: I got this information from a Stock Show visitor, but I didn’t catch his name.)

No-Suck Baby
If you have a calf that absolutely will not suck a bottle, or the cow, just use molasses put on the nipple with your fingers. Put a little in the calf’s mouth and they go right to sucking.

Uses for Old Playpens
Old playpens make good temporary holding beds for newborn anythings. They can be put next to a heating stove to warm up, and their ‘deposits’ are all contained in one spot!  

(Paula says: I put down lots of newspapers or old blankets for this.)

Plunger to the Rescue!
A new rubber plunger can be sterilized and used to reposition a calf in the uterus so the feet can be brought up and the calf delivered (another one of those ‘stupid’ things that works!)
Emergency Boot Dryer
This time of year with the guys in and out during calving, I keep an old hair dryer in the mudroom to ‘quick dry’ the insides of their boots/overshoes when they come in to refuel. (Eat cookies and drink coffee.) – CA, NE


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