Cleaning Leather Upholstery ♦
A marvelous way to clean leather upholstery is to wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth that has been dipped in well-beaten egg whites.  After the leather dries, rub the surface with clean, dry cloths and all the dirt scrubs right off. (Tip sent in by a reader)

Cheap Wall Fix ♦

If you mix baking soda and cheap white glue into a paste, the mixture can be smoothed into those tiny cracks in the wallboard or cracked plaster.  After the paste dries, just repaint and you can’t see the cracks any more! (W.E., Illinois)

Pan the Paint ♦

If painting in a tight spot, a small saucepan with a handle makes a convenient container for the paint and a small brush.  The handle lets you hang on as you maneuver around the area a lot easier than trying to squeeze in with a paint tray and a roller. (T.C., Nebraska)

Drawing Bees to the Garden ♦

To draw bees to your garden, plant members of the mint family and the critters will pollinate the tomatoes, peppers, apples, etc.  (Try rosemary, catnip, spearmint, peppermint, horsemint or pennyroyal). (FF, Arizona)

(Note from Paula: The mints are best put in the garden in a pot! The crazy things will take over the garden if you don’t keep the roots in check, and keep them trimmed so they don’t set seed! I love the rosemary and use it a lot, but it’s hard to start so I just buy a couple of pots at the nursery.)

Cookie Keeper

If your cookies get soggy in the cookie jar, try crumpling up a half-sheet of plain white tissue paper and putting that in the bottom of the jar.  The paper will absorb any moisture and yet allow air to circulate so the cookies stay crisp. (M.S., South Dakota)

De-Burr the Dog
Burrs are really hard to get out of a long-haired dog.  The dog doesn’t like getting it’s fur brushed because the hair gets pulled and it hurts!  And the fight is on! We were told by a friend to use a pair of pliers to crush the cockleburrs before trying to get them out of the dog’s coat.  We tried it and it really helps. (MS, Iowa)

Glass Bottle Cleaner

Hard-to-clean decanters and fancy glass bottles can be cleaned by dropping in pieces of cut lemon and a handful of salt. Add water and let set overnight.  Shake well and rinse away the lime deposits that were loosened by the lemon/salt mix.

Cheap Hand Cleaner
Grimy/greasy hands?  Try some plain ‘cheap’ shampoo to clean them.  It’s non-abrasive, inexpensive and smells good too. (A re-fill for those pump bottles of liquid soap?)

Soak a Sore

Spring can mean sports injuries that need a good soaking several times a day. A reader wrote to me and said to use a Styrofoam cooler if you need to soak a foot or a sore arm. They are light weight, retain the heat for a long time, deeper than most plastic tubs and cheaper than a lot of deep pans.

Toss It

Spring cleaning time means time to clean out that medicine chest and get rid of any outdated or old medications.  (Much safer for your entire family.) I do re-stock the supply of bandaids, gauze, tape, etc. simply because working on machinery seems to mean getting ‘dings’ of all kinds as we repair broken stuff.

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