Hair Spray Remover
If you use hair spray on a daily basis, there is bound to be ‘overspray’ on the bathroom mirror. Fix that problem in a hurry with a little rubbing alcohol on a bit of cloth or lint-free paper towel. The alcohol takes off all of the spray residue and leaves the mirror shiny. – MH, ID

Washing Antique Laces

Use flat strainers or mesh pan covers for washing delicate antique laces. Place the item on the strainer and just run warm water through the fabric or lace.  If you need to use a bit of gentle soap, do so, and then rinse very well through the strainer.   Then set aside the strainer to allow the fabric to dry without disturbing it. – DM, MN

Rust Preventer
A ‘good thing’ to have in a country shop is a bucket filled with sand and some waste oil poured over the sand. Shovels and all sorts of other hand tools can be shoved into the oily sand after use, withdrawn and hung up on the wall.  The oily sand will leave a thin film of oil on the metal part of the tool and prevent it from rusting.
A big chunk of leftover ‘sidewalk chalk’ stuck in the toolbox on the side of the tractor will help to keep those tools always carried in it from rusting quite so quickly. –FH, MN
Sandal ‘Saver’
To ‘instantly fix’ a deep scratch on that pair of good white sandals, try using some correcting film from the office to cover the offending scratch. If you have the liquid, you can use this also.  I have the film and this is what I use. – DB, IL

Painters Helpers

When painting window or door frames, wet small pieces of paper and stick on the glass/paint the wood around the edges as usual, and when the paint is dry, the paper will be dry also and easily peel off of the window. – RE, NE

Scratch-Free Scraper
Take an old credit card – scratch the name and number off with a kitchen knife so it can not be used again – and put it in your kitchen utensil drawer, so when something sticks to your non-stick cookware, you can scrape it off without wrecking all of the coating. – JK, IA

Stain/Smell Remover

If you live in an area with high humidity, chances are that by morning, the bed linens are soaked with perspiration stains and odors.
To easily remove these from fabrics such as sheets and pajamas, simply wash them with the soap powder you are supposed to use in the dishwasher.
Just put 1 cup of the dishwasher soap powder in the bottom of your washer, fill it with HOT water, add the bed linens and wash as usual.
I use vinegar in the softener dispenser instead of using the expensive softener. It seems to work just as well and is certainly a lot less expensive. – CP,WY

Glass Cleaner for Wood Stoves

I have a pellet stove and every once in a while, the glass gets full of soot and smoke residue. A friend told me to try using Coca-Cola to get the crud off of the glass. I tried it and it works!!  
China ‘Cushions’
Save those foam meat trays, wash them in hot soapy water and dry well.  They work wonderfully as cushions between fragile dishes and collectible glassware. – MK, MT 

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