De-Fat The Nuts

If you want to de-fat your favorite nuts before using them in cookies or breads, it’s easy.   You simply put them in a couple layers of paper towels, and crush them. Once they are in smaller pieces, strew them onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment or brown paper grocery bags that have been split (that’s what I use). Put the cookie sheets in a 250° oven for 10-15 minutes.  The paper will absorb the fat that runs out of the nutmeats as they are heated and the nuts will also be toasted.  I like the flavor of the toasted nuts and find that you can cut the amount of nuts in half (saving more calories and fat).  I like the nuts for flavor and crunch, but since I’m on a low fat diet, this allows me to enjoy a few of my favorite treats in spite of it.

Freezer Burn "Fix"

If you have some meat that has been residing in the bottom of your freezer, a tad that is too long (read that, lost in the jungle of a disorganized freezer), it can develop an "off flavor," and even get some white spots (freezer burn) on parts of the meat. There is a "fix" for this: put about a ½ cup of vinegar, can be white or cider, doesn’t matter. In the bottom of a large pan, add the frozen meat.  Let it thaw in the refrigerator for about 24 hours, turning over once in a while.  The meat will thaw slowly, and the vinegar will take away the ˜freezer" taste. Vinegar also helps to tenderize the tougher cuts of meat, and it cannot be tasted when the meat is cooked.   Just pour off the vinegar when you are ready to proceed with your recipe, and use it as if it were fresh meat.

‘I WANT IT!’ Rears It’s Head

I was in a city about 2 hours from home last week and witnessed something I wish I wouldn’t have seen.

A couple and their two small children were wondering around in one of those big box stores looking at the furniture.   The lady decided that she wanted this particular couch and chair for well over $1,000.  The gentleman with her, I presumed it was her husband, said "we don’t have the money".

She retorted, "I have this credit card! See?" He said, "I  know you have that card, but the interest rate is 29% if you can’t pay it off all at once, and we just don’t have the money. We simply cannot afford it!" To which she replied, "I DON’T CARE!" I want it and I’m going to have it! I made my escape around the corner then, but "it makes one wonder."

Free Stud Finder For Remodelers

Planning on doing some renovating after the holidays? A reader wrote, and said, "Rather than buy one of those "stud-finder gizmo’s in the hardware store, just get out the old electric razor.   Run it over the walls and it will tell you right where the stud is by the change in the noise the razor makes.  Works just as well as the gadget, and you probably have a razor in the home already.

Kids Barette And Bow Storage

This is so simple. Just use an old belt.  Hang it on the wall or over a hanger in the closet.  Clip the hair decorations in place and you will always be able to find them.

Moving; Need The Protective Padding?

Instead of buying those expensive moving pads to protect your good furniture when moving, simply gather up some of those old mattress pads. Yard sales, tag sales and motel sales, are a good place to find them. Just wash them well in hot water, and dry outside on the line or the deck railing before using.

Re-Use Those Dryer Sheets

Put a used dryer sheet in the bottom of the waste basket, it keeps odors at bay

Use a used dryer sheet to dust those mini-blinds, the anti-static properties keep dust from re-settling.

REMEMBER, if you use dryer sheets, be sure to scrub your dryer screen with hot, soapy water at least once a month. The same stuff that softens your clothes builds up on the screen and can cause the dryer to overheat, starting a fire! Also, remember to clean the dryer, screen after every load of clothes. Dryer lint is extremely flammable!


Sea Shell Pretties

Do you have one of the gadgets that melt scented wax? (warmers).  What do you do with the remains of the wax chips?

A reader suggested this:  She said: “I hate to waste anything and have found a way to use the remaining wax in my warmer.  I had a bag of seashells purchased at a bath store and decided to pour the remains of the wax into these little shells.  I can then place them in dresser drawers or on the closet shelves as a mild scent instead of buying something else to do the same thing.

“If one were to purchase wicking at a craft store, I’m thinking that you could make candles from the wax remains, even striped ones as you use the different colors in the warmer?  Just a thought to stretch those dollars a bit further."


Peppermint Bark

A reader from down south wrote: "I buy candy canes on sale after Christmas, usually just 25 cents for a dozen. And if you watch the sales, grocery stores will have the ‘bark candy’ foundations on sale too – usually white almond and the chocolate.  I break up the candy canes and set them aside and then melt two pounds of the white almond, stir in the broken canes and ½ teaspoon of peppermint oil and stir again.   Spread onto cookie sheets lined with waxed paper and let chill for a good 30 minutes and then break into pieces.   This is a bit different than the usual ‘bark’ candy and works well for Valentine treats.


‘Stuck’ Prevention

Save a couple of gallon milk jugs, or have a neighbor save you some.  Rinse them out, let them dry well and then fill with the cheap ‘kitty litter’ and place the jugs in the trunk of your car.  If you park where it’s icy, you can sprinkle some of the litter under and around your tires so you can get going again without sliding sideways into something or someone else.


Ice Melt (New Version)

A friend told me this helpful hint.  She says: “ Instead of using that ICE MELT SALT on your sidewalks this winter, use the dry fertilizer you spread on your yard come spring.  The fertilizer will not eat up the cement sidewalk like salt does – and in the spring, your grass will ‘jump right up’ where the fertilizer has dissolved into the grass!" 

(This one sounds good to m and I’m going to try it! – Paula)

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