New Use for Tape

Right about now, lots of the ‘creepy crawlies’ start finding their way into our homes to make nests for winter away from the wet and cold.

I don’t like to spray if I don’t have to. If it doesn’t bite or sting, I use the ‘tape it’ method to dispose of a critter that finds it’s way to a windowsill or is walking around on the curtains, wallpaper, or that new paint job.
No kidding, this really works: Grab your trusty clear tape, and simply stick a piece of tape to said bug! It can’t get away and can be disposed of real quickly and neatly. I just fold the tape over the critter, smash it with my fingers and drop it in the wastebasket. If it’s a beetle type, I will just step on it and then dispose of it. I know it’s just a bug, but I can’t stand the thought of it escaping and invading my space again. 
–tip submitted by MA, VT

Quick Cover Up
My friend has very dark hair that will start showing grey around the edges, so in an emergency, she takes her mascara brush and lightly colors the ‘greys’ with that. It works great as a quick camouflage and washes out.
–tip submitted by NV, SD

Make Your Own Wet Wipes

You need a paper towel that can be used in the microwave for this one; the reason is that cheaper towels are made from recycled paper and may have tiny bits of metal imbedded in the paper, which could cause an injury to the skin. 

First, take the cardboard core out of the center of the roll of towels and discard, and then cut the roll of paper towels in half. (I found that a bandsaw did the best job of cutting the towels with the least amount of tearing.)
Next, mix 2 cups of water, 1 tablespoon of baby oil (scented or not, your choice), and 1 tablespoon liquid hand soap in a container with a lid. (Ask a friend who buys wipes if you can have an empty container or two.)
Now put the half-roll of towels in the container and pour the water, oil, soap mixture over the towels and let it soak up.   Put the towels out from the center of the roll to use them.
–tip submitted by GW, MN

Dissolve Stains And Mineral Deposits
Sprinkle a cup full of powdered Borax around the rim of your toilet bowl before bed. It will work overnight to dissolve the mineral deposits and stains.  It may take more than one treatment if the porcelain is badly stained or the minerals are pretty thick.
–tip submitted by SK, AZ

Make-It-Yourself Lemon Oil Polish
Buy a one-ounce bottle of lemon oil at a craft store and a bottle of mineral oil at the drugstore.  Mix 1 ½ teaspoons lemon oil with 2 cups of the mineral oil.  Put this into a spray bottle and shake to combine.  You can then spray the furniture, or just soak a rag in the mixture to use when you want. I keep my rag in a plastic bag alongside the bottle of lemon polish.
–tip submitted by MM, IL

Gift Idea For New Family Members: Our Family Address Book
You can get spiral notebooks that look quite nice at office supply stores and some even are alphabetized. Fill in with the names and addresses of friends and family members along with their birthdate and anniversary date. To make it extra-special, make notes of how this person is related to or close to your family–grandmother/grandfather, step grandparents/ cousins, kids of cousins, old family friends, etc.
With families of today living on both coasts, overseas and several states away, this little book can be invaluable for anyone who receives it. This makes a great gift for any new bride entering a family.
–tip submitted by NF, OR

Recycled Knee Pads
I love to garden, but my old knees will only stand so much and then they rebel. I was at a yard sale a while back and spotted an old sports coat in the free stuff, so I took it home and repurposed the shoulder pads. I stitched them into the jeans I wear when I’m down on my knees weeding–the extra cushion has made a big difference! The rest of the coat went into the dog kennel for extra padding.
–tip submitted by DD, MI

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