End of Summer Savings

It’s the end of the season for summer clothing and a chance to do some serious bargain hunting.  There are still a couple of months when there will days warm enough to wear the summer tops and pants.  I recently hit the ‘clearance’ racks at a department store and found a few real bargains! I found a cotton shirt I can wear all winter. It was originally marked at $ 24.95, but was clearance priced at just $3.00 – but when I went to pay for it, the lady at the checkout counter said it was marked down again – to just 97 cents! I found a pair of new jeans that had been originally marked at $85, and then reduced down again and again until I bought them for just $9.00!
I wear a lot of t-shirts around the house and I am not too picky about colors; I got a couple of them too, for only 49 cents each! 
If your children are school aged, it’s a great time to find some bargain clothing that will work for school that won’t break the bank and wreck the budget.  I am always on the lookout for items to use for gifts, and at times have found bedding/sheets and blankets (last years’ colors) at a price I can afford.
If you have kids, you know how fast they can grow. A 50 cent t-shirt or pair of pants the next size or two bigger will ‘keep’ for another year and give you a head start on future school shopping.

De-Itch Bug Bites
Mosquito and deer fly bites can be soothed by running hot water over a kitchen spoon till really hot and then holding the spoon on the bite for a little while.  The heat takes away the itch and the resulting bump.

Ant Hill Remover
To get rid of anthills in the yard or garden you simply pour boiling water over the little hills. Tor bigger ones, I use either a sharpened stick to enlarge the hole or in the case of those ugly red and black biting ants, I use a shovel to dig a cavity in the middle of the hill and then pour a bucket of boiling water in the hole. The heat kills the eggs, larva and the queen in short order and no more ants!

Fruit Flies No More
This time of year when so many of us have a kitchen full of produce to can/freeze or dry, the fruit flies multiply like crazy. To get rid of them, put some water and a little sugar and vinegar in a small jar or little bowl. Add a couple of drops of dish soap and set the container on the counter. The flies are drawn to the sweet vinegar and then stick to the soap scum and are no more!  I’ve also used just a little sweet pickle juice and a couple of drops of dish soap with the same results.

Ironing Hints And Helps
To make your ironing go faster, cover the ironing board with aluminum foil and then put the cover on. The foil will reflect the heat back and the ironing will go a lot faster.
If you have your ironing board set up where you do the laundry, the clothes can be pressed right out of the dryer. Damp dry is the best because you don’t have to sprinkle them.

Neatest Garage On The Block
Use garbage cans to corral those garden hoses that are so hard to handle and hang in the fall. We also use a garbage can to hold sprinklers, and hand tools and a third one holds the boys’ baseballs, bats, gloves, basketballs etc. keeping everything neat and organized.
Use shoe bags hung on the garage walls to hold spray cans of lubricants, tubes of glue, packages of small nails, etc. This keeps everything at your fingertips. We write the name of the ‘whatsit’ right on the outside of the shoe bags so things can be returned to their proper place as soon as they are use.

Patch a Window Screen
A tree branch poked a tiny hole in a window screen. It’s a pain to take the darn thing to the hardware store to get it replaced, and the bugs are adept at finding the hole and getting in the house.  A good ‘quick fix’ is simply to paint over the hole with some airplane glue or other similar glue that dries clear and can’t be seen, but the hole is patched and the bugs can’t get in.
(tip submitted by SS, IA)

‘Cheap’ Hand Cleaner
I buy the cheapest store brand dishwashing soap I can find for the men to use in the shop on their greasy hands. It works just as well as the fancy ‘shop hand wash’, and it costs a lot less money.
(tip submitted by LE, SD)

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