Picture Perfect
To save money on reprints of colored photographs, make color copies on your printer or at a local print shop. An 8 x 10 enlargement usually costs a dollar or two, compared to $10 or $15 at some of the photo places.  Once it’s behind the glass in the frame and hung on the wall, only your wallet will know the difference.
(tip submitted by SI, NC)
Repurpose Those Christmas Tins
I’ve found that the empty popcorn and candy tins we get during Christmas time make great containers for my glass ornaments and other decorations for my Christmas tree. I also wind the garlands round and round and store in a couple of them in the tin as well. We have several smaller strings of colored lights and wind them around chunks of paper towel cardboard and put them in yet another tin.
(tip submitted by DF, IA)

Clean the Cookware
I have some copper cookware inherited from my grandmother and cleaning it is a tedious job – but, I found that about 3 spoons full of table salt mixed with some vinegar scrubbed onto the pretty bottoms with one of those plastic ‘scrubbie’ scratchers will clean it beautifully without spending a fortune on copper cleaner.
(tip submitted by SA, MT)

(Pennywise tip: Catsup poured on an old terry cloth washrag also works well.  I guess it’s the acid in the tomatoes that does the trick along with the salt/vinegar in the mixture.)

Save the Seal on Your Fridge/Freezer
Most of us have refrigerators or freezers with those big thick seals around the doors that are so expensive to replace. I’ve found that if I smear a little bit of plain petroleum jelly over the seals every 6 months or so, it keeps them very pliable and less likely to crack or split and have to be replaced. A jar of plain petroleum jelly is less than $5 and will last for years.
(tip submitted by MJ, WY)

Home Made Extracts
I make as many of my own extracts as possible. All you need is a bottle of cheap vodka and some pint jars. I put a little over a cup (1 –  1/3 cups) in each of 3 jars and then split 4 or 5 vanilla beans and put into one jar to make vanilla extract. In another jar, I peel lemons with a potato peeler – just scrape off the yellow part – and add it to the jar to make lemon extract. I do the same with orange peelings and the remaining 1 1/3 cups of vodka to make orange extract. I let the peelings/beans ‘work’ for about 6 weeks before I start to use the extracts. Just use them as you would any commercial extract you can buy. These are much better, and a lot cheaper!
(tip submitted by PE, CA)

Recycle Plastic Bolts
I do a lot of sewing and buy lace by the yard (25 yards at a time) on a plastic bolt. I had saved several of the bolts, thinking I would find a  use for them eventually. I had some ribbon my cat had teased off of the spool, making a grand mess. I wound it [ribbon] on a lace bolt, and now it’s safe. My son used a couple of the bolts to wind up several strings of icicle lights after Christmas, and my husband uses them in the garage shop to wind and store the extension cords that always end up in a mess.
(tip submitted by SP, UT)

Urine (Pee) Stain Remover
1 cup peroxide, 3 Tablespoons of baking soda and a drop or two of dish soap mixed together will remove urine out of carpets, clothing, rugs, etc. The only drawback to this mixture is that it has to be mixed and used right because the chemical mix of peroxide and soda only last about 20 minutes. To use, scrub into the stain – people, cats, dogs, kids, doesn’t matter. It will work on old stains as well.  But make sure you use it right after it’s mixed. It’s cheap and it works very well.
(tip submitted by HK, NE)

Valentine Surprises
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and the media is full of ads telling us to spend more money. A big screen television, a fancy dinner, a cruise, an above ground swimming pool all cost a lot of money at a time when most haven’t even recovered from Christmas yet!

Do one (or all) of these things instead for your loved one (or Valentine):

  • Make a good home-cooked meal of family favorite
  • Go through all the old family photos and set them into a group frame for the parents/grandparents/valentine
  • Complete a special project for your family, like clean and reorganize the garage as a ‘group’ project
  • Perhaps a room needs painting and the one needing the job done is physically challenged and can’t really do the job
  • Baking a heart shaped cake to serve for a family meal isn’t all that hard, and you don’t need a special pan either. Just bake a round cake and then cut a V shape out of the top edge of the cake and frost it!


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