Oh, the Joys of March!

March is like a precocious child that can’t make up its mind to be naughty or nice! Two weeks ago, March was the raging Lion: freezing, rain, black ice, snow flakes flying, and COLD!  Yesterday was better.  We enjoyed/endured a chilly wind chasing itself across the fields and pastures, tossing the vestiges of last fall’s tumbleweeds skyward as they raced down our country lane.

Today, March is as gentle as a new baby lamb.  The air is sweet and I can smell the scent of the earth as it warms to tell of the coming of spring.

As I made the trip to the mailbox this morning, I watched huge flocks of wild turkeys stringing out of the pine trees where they roost overnight.  The gobblers, followed by the hens, make a beeling for the feeding grounds where my son has spread out hay for our cows and their newborn baby calves.  The turkeys dig through the hay looking for anything they can find to fill their crops before ranging back towards the trees in late afternoon. (The unseen ‘out-of-pocket’ costs of the grain, hay and forage that is eaten by wildlife is essentially born by those of us who live on and love this land and it’s country lifestyle.  It would be amazing if at some point in time, the media would give more credit to these dear folks who ‘do their share–and then some!’).

I also watched the four resident herds of deer grazing on the just emerging spring grasses.  We have both whitetail and mule deer here. The doe are heavy with fawn and the little ones are not far off.

March is kite flying time and every year I look forward to seeing the kites of the nearby village children dancing in the clear, cold, blue sky.   When my children were younger, kite flying was a much a part of our spring ritual as the Easter Bunny and a particular pleasure for their father.  That man just loved to fly kites!   Sometimes we made the kites from yardsticks, newspapers and torn fabrics for the tails–and sometimes we purchased them for just a few dollars and enjoyed the hours of fun on breezy days.

The ‘store-bought’ kites always lasted longer than the home made ones, but we figured that the kids needed to know that you COULD make one if you didn’t have the money to buy a kite.


March is also spring cleaning time!

The ladders come out as windows are cleaned of winter’s grime, screens are put on a few select windows so the house can be opened to the spring breezes on fine day, but also closed up against a late spring snow storm.

Lawns are raked, gardens are discussed as to size and just what will be planted.  Seeds are started, painting is done where needed, fences are fixed, flower beds are cleaned of late fall leaves so the perennials can come up to the light of day.  Daffodils show their yellow faces to us and a few are cut to grace the kitchen table in grandma’s old blue pitcher.          

Our early robins have arrived and decorate our pine trees like red Christmas ornaments and they sing their ‘song of spring’.   Out in the calving pasture, I can hear the cows softly calling their calves to their sides….          

I sit on the deck enjoying a cup of hot coffee and rejoice in the sounds of the new season of rebirth!         

Take the time to enjoy this wonderful season of the year!

‘Til Next Time –Paula

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