A lot of folks who live in apartments or mobile homes don’t think they can raise any kind of a garden because of a lack of space and yet, they truly can.   
Plant breeders have been coming up with all sorts of mini varieties the last few years that are well suited to ‘container gardening’. If you have a spot in your space that gets at least four hours of sunlight a day, you may have a garden spot.

Next, you need to find a suitable container for that particular spot, some garden soil and some plants or seeds.
The biggest question seems to be, ‘What do I use for a container, and where do I find it when I have no money to buy the fancy ones in the stores?”   
Just about anything will work. Look around to see what is available and ‘get creative’.

A friend of mine lived in a trailer court for years and the only place she had for a ‘garden’ was on the hitch part of the trailer.  She made a box from scrap wood, drilled some holes in the bottom for drainage and covered the holes with a couple of coffee filters over each of the holes, 6 or 8 as I recall.   
She filled the box with potting soil and was able to plant her ‘garden’.
She had just two tomato plants, a cucumber vine and then sprinkled in a few radish and lettuce seeds.  The radishes and lettuces matured and were gone before the tomatoes got too terribly big.  No, she didn’t have any extra produce to preserve except for a few frozen tomatoes, but she did ‘eat fresh’ all summer long from her very small garden.
Others have used 5 gallon plastic buckets with holes drilled in the bottoms for tomatoes and that works too. You will need to set them up on a couple of bricks so any excess water doesn’t collect under the buckets if they have to sit on cement.
I have seen old teakettles and worn out cooking pans filled with flowers and vegetables sitting on porches and front steps, and even garbage cans used for ‘container gardens’.  An elderly gentleman had two tomato plants in an old garbage can and they flourished all summer (the bottom was cracked out and it had been set out for recycling).   
He had all the tomatoes he could eat and plenty to share with his neighbors too. Container gardening works for anyone who has no space for gardening otherwise.
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