April showers bring May flowers…”  Remember that old childhood rhyme?
I was looking through some old pictures the other day and found one of my mother and her sister as young children back in the Dirty Thirties, dancing around a Maypole in the school yard.  The Maypole had ribbons attached to the top of the pole and I remember Mom saying that the children danced and sang as they wove the ribbons from the top of the pole to the bottom.  I also remember her telling me that it was a tradition to have a Mayday princess in each classroom and that everyone got to dance around the Maypole in the schoolyard at recess time.
I don’t remember ever having a Maypole at school as a child, but we did make May baskets from paper doilies or other colored papers, filled them with fresh flowers from the bushes in the yard (lilacs in our case, wild plums from others) put in a little bit of candy if we had any .and took them to elderly friends and family members on May 1st.   The delivery was the fun part; we put the baskets on the doorsteps or hung them on the door knob, knocked or rang the bell and ran…because if you got caught, you got kissed!
When I did a little researching on May Day, I found that it goes a long way back in history and was a celebration of the beginning of spring and the coming of summer.

Some communities yet put baskets of fresh flowers out on their doorsteps or alongside the sidewalk so folks strolling along can enjoy the beauty of the flowers.
Perhaps this is one celebration that should be brought back?  What do you think?

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