In the spirit of the recent corn trading demise, these words were inscripted into a poem that reflects the sentiment of both broker and farmer alike.

Unlike the methodology of economics
Like a profit and loss statement
There is no rhyme or reason to agronomics
Just a lot of sentiment.
No one is accountable
Not even the banker
Like it’s not controllable
More about status than ranker.

To have a little, but no income
Is like driving a Cadillac with no gas
It may be enough for some
For most – not enough “sass”.

If you can’t stand on your heel
Braced with a market plan
It just isn’t real
You’ll just be an also ran.

Like commodity without quality
Or price without protection
It just isn’t reality
An empty dream without satisfaction.

So, let’s get real
Put some meat and potatoes into agronomics
Let’s begin to deal
Begin to practice real economics.

If it doesn’t look or feel like economics
It’s probably not a market plan
Probably the same ol’ agronomics
It takes the heart right out of man!

It’s more than just “heart and soul”
More than blood, sweat and tears
It’s market planning — heel and rowel
It will give you back, those unwanted years.

Dedicated to my good friend and broker, Alan Zumbahlen, with Interstate Commodities.


"PONY TALES by" Ponty is written by Ken E. Knight, the author of the “Knightro Report”, a nationally syndicated livestock-marketing column, which is featured in the "Farm And Livestock Directory" every month.

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