Washington has made politics a dirty word, for which most of us don’t want to even get involved. Many don’t even bother to vote, but become very vocal about complaining about the outcome. It’s like sort-changing a ratio and then complain about the grade.

I’m as guilty as many of you, as I too have passed up many opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

Back in the late 60’s, while working as the livestock procurement manager for the Stark and Wetzel Meat Packing Company in Indianapolis, Indiana, I was offered a position as a lobbyist for the Kansas state livestock producers. Having never heard of such a position, I declined the opportunity. Since that point in time in my life, I’ve often wondered if this would have been an opportunity to make a difference. I would grab that opportunity now in a heartbeat. To go toe to toe with some of these airhead legislators, would be the ultimate challenge.

This presidential election may be one of the most important in the history of our country. In fact, it may end up being the most important as we live in such a dangerous world that just the slightest mistake could mean the end.

For many the end has already come, as the battle of the Koran vs. the Bible unfolds before our very eyes. It has to end, or else the future looks pretty bleak for the next generation. Not only in terms of survival, but that of sustaining the quality of life we’ve come to know.

If we continue down this path of destruction, propping up the country with an uncurtailable debt load, we will have become our own worst enemy. These giveaway programs that only put a band-aid on a perverse problem will eventually give way to reality.

When we learn to live independent of government intervention, it is then, and only then that the fantasy of make believe will be made right.

You can only hold a piece of machinery together with barbed wire and duct tape for so long. Eventually, it breaks down.

That’s the state of our country now and only your vote can x it. This is your political opportunity to make a difference.

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