I rescind many of those incredulous remarks I’ve made about an inept Washington Congress, as this recent legislative repeal to ban horse meat caused quite a stir among the nationally syndicated humor monologues.

JAY LENO: "Well, thanks to the recent repeal of a congressional ban, horse meat is now legal to sell for consumption in the United States. And I tell ya, a lot of fast food chains are already jumpin’ on this. Today, McDonalds introduced the new Quarter-Horse with Cheese".

CONAN O’BRIEN: "This is a crazy story — Congress — did you hear this — Congress may allow Americans to start selling horse meat for human consumption. Yeah! When they heard the news, McDonalds immediately unveiled their new breakfast offering: The  Sea Biscuit Biscuit".

RESPONSE: "Of course, McDonalds will have to pick up the pace if it hopes to run down Arby’s — which bolted from the gate years ago when it started offering Horsey Sauce!"

COURTESY PIONEER PRESS: Who says this is a do nothing congress? Horse feathers! Or perhaps, horse meat!
Would you like some horsie radish with that?

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I was much too heavy to ride when I finally got pretty good at it. but believe it or not, I was a jockey long before I was old enough or heavy enough. Back in those days, riding in the bush circuit, the rider and saddle had to weigh 115 lbs. For those of you that have met me, that gives you an idea of how young and inexperienced I was.

To further complicate the issue, my uncle Alfred made me carry lead weights in order to be in compliance with weight requirements. He could squeeze more race out of a horse than anyone I ever knew. It was his theory that the lead weights would be less restrictive on my back than on the horses. He was also a penny pincher, so maybe it was more about squeezing the purse money.

Speaking of relatives, the Osborne’s are also related and have always played a big role in my involvement in horses. They were responsible for my first and last thoroughbred ride. May this article be a tribute to what they have meant to me and to the entire thoroughbred  racing industry; for it is written:

ACTS: 3:25  "And in your seed all the families of the earth shall be blessed."

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