(The driving force behind the Texas Pork enterprise is Kevin Bottke. He can be reached at 817-262-0621, or www.porktexas.com. Not only is Kevin a personal friend, his entrepreneurial spirit, background in the livestock industry, leadership in every phase of his life, and strength of character lend credence to the Pork Texas phenomenon. His ethical and moral track record speaks volumes about a spiritually driven man.)


I met Kevin Bottke more than a quarter century ago, while sharing the platform at a livestock producers gathering in central Iowa. I was impressed with not only his demeanor, but his grasp of entourage involvement and interest. He left no doubt about his knowledge of the livestock industry.

From that point on, we developed a bond that has been more special than words can express. Like the time I was faced with some serious health issues – who was the first person (other than family) to be there at my side? It has always been Kevin there to support me in my every endeavor.

This speaks volumes about the kind of man you would be  involved with if you should choose to become an investor in Texas Pork. As an investor, the scrutiny of the man becomes more important than that of the project itself. If you believe and trust the man you’re doing business with, the rest will fall in place.

To find out more about this man and the business model that he represents, he has perspicuously put together a Pork Texas business plan that is worthy of your consideration. It describes in detail the concept of utilizing virtually waste land to produce pork in the most consumer/producer friendly way possible. In the pork industry there is nothing that compares with the project potential and consumer appeal. There isn’t space enough in this column to do justice to the explanation of this proposal, so I urge you to get a copy and decide for yourself.

The project is only as good as the man that’s leading it, so take the time to get acquainted. You’ll be a better person for having done so, for whether you’re an investor or just have an inquisitive mind, the knowledge you’ll glean from this relationship will serve you well for the rest of your life. But far more important will be the intrinsic values of humanity that will strengthen and enhance your life forever.

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"PONY TALES by" Ponty is written by Ken E. Knight, the author of the “Knightro Report”, a nationally syndicated livestock-marketing column, which is featured in the "Farm And Livestock Directory" every month.