“The Hunt” has been featured in this column every year since its inception some thirty years ago; everything from venison (the other red meat) to (non-precautionary) tainted.

From that to showbiz and polished antlers, is more than that of just bait and switch. It’s more about how multi-dimensional the experience of the hunt can really be.

Such is the case when a deer hunter wakes up to a brisk cool morning with a spring in his step and a loaded muzzle in his hand. For is there anything more beautiful than that of deer grazing in lush green elds, protected by the sanctuary of a thickly wooded refuge to unleash such a passion for the sport? To take it to the next level seems only natural — as natural as nature’s own unbounded creation of beauty.

But none implore this spirit of the hunt more than that of Nick Swanson, who has taken his passion to the next level. Starting this fall, he will embark upon a show-biz venture of broadcasting his TV show “Claim Your Trophy”.

The show was recently picked up by Fox Sports North and Fox Sports of Wisconsin. “Claim Your Trophy” will run for 13-weeks, on Sundays and Thursdays at 8:00 AM, beginning August 24th. It will be found on You Tube (www.youtube.com/claim your trophy).

Nick is the grandson of a very good friend of mine, and assuredly comes from a long line of passionate deer hunters. So to visualize him aspiring to such an unprecedented high level of accomplishment is a tribute to both the “hunting world” and to his family.

Nick Swanson, pictured below.

At a very young age, Nick took a keen interest in hunting, shing, and the outdoors in general — an interest he shared with the most in uential person in his life, his grandfather, Richard Hoffman. Even last year, the two sat in the woods together for a full day during Wisconsin deer hunting season, in hopes of harvesting a good-sized buck. They were not disappointed — plus the great buck event was all captured on lm!

Swanson, who spends his workweek as supervisor of business services for the Allina Health Medical Clinic, has long been interested in traveling and a variety of outdoor adventures that occupy most evenings and weekends. But, over the years, his difficulty in nding good, reputable resources to assist him in his planning has usually left him frustrated. Finally he decided to create a website www.claim yourtrophy.com and produce/host a TV show to do just that. His hunting/ shing out tter directory helps you nd reliable guides and out tters for that once-in-a lifetime event — to enjoy hunting deer, elk, moose, bears, turkeys, caribou, birds, antelope, sheep, or shing for bass, musky, northern pike, salmon, salt water trout, walleye.

Pictured: Nick Swanson and Grandpa hunting.

Particularly pleased about having captured the great buck event on lm, Swanson looks forward to sharing the footage with millions this fall on his television show.

“Having traveled across North America hunting and shing with some close friends and capturing it all on lm, it has been a dream come true,” says Swanson, “Not to mention having our adventurers shown on TV — well, that’s just icing on the cake.”

Nick majored in economics and earned an MBA at Augsburg College, an experience which he says brought clarity to his vocation and helped shape him as a person. He did additional study at University College Cork, where he pursued medical school, even enjoying a stint as a Mao Clinic Scholar. However, with his other foot in the business world as a broker, consultant, and marketing manager, it soon became obvious that his vocation was in the business side of health care. He now says that wearing the health care administrator hat on weekdays overlaps nicely with his evening and weekends, when he switches over to the outdoors hat.

Swanson, who lives near his grandpa in Prescott, WI, also nds time to serve on Augsburg’s Alumni Board, an involvement he enjoys, but still doesn’t compare to that of his Grandma’s cooking or his Grandpa’s friendship. That’s how it is in a Community of hunters where passion runs as deep as the con uence of its rivers, so tune in to “Claim Your Trophy” on Fox Sports North to nd out more about the “Trophies Of The Hunt”.

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