Testing during the 2014 growing season confirmed that N YIELD CX makes stabilized nitrogen fertilizer more affordable and is equally effective. Testing showed just two quarts of N YIELD™ CX nitrogen stabilizer with PENXCEL™ Technology performed just as well as a labeled rate of the industry standard product.
Eco Agro Resources announced during the National Association of Farm Broadcasting Trade Talk that the new N YIELD CX label includes the high-efficiency, lower rate for the 2015 season, as a result of these findings. The unique patent-pending formula of N YIELD CX nitrogen stabilizer delivers more stabilizing power by volume, while maintaining nitrogen efficiency and performance in the field. This means cost savings at a time when farmers really need it, without compromising yield.
The PENXCEL delivery system drives active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the prills of urea fertilizer, so it works more consistently. It coats more evenly for faster, more consistent coverage of the batch.
Norm Davy, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Eco Agro Resources, sees great benefits for farmers and the retailers who supply them with fertilizer. "With PENXCEL we've seen performance benefits in the field and during the blending and application process. Our tests show equivalent performance in the field at a reduced rate of two quarts with N YIELD CX, which is a real breakthrough. The bottom line is that N YIELD CX makes stabilized nitrogen fertilizer more affordable to farmers at a time when they are under pressure due to falling commodity prices and under scrutiny about the use of fertilizer."
The low viscosity of N YIELD CX stabilizer helps it pour easily and quickly coat fertilizer, even in the cold. It blends 15% faster in tests performed in drum blenders. It's easier to handle than other industry standard formulations, saving time during the critical application season. The end result is consistent fertilizer product that flows freely and performs in the field at a new lower rate. N YIELD CX nitrogen stabilizer performs just as well in UAN liquid fertilizer, so one product can meet both needs.
N YIELD CX will be available from Eco Agro Resources distributors nationwide. Learn more at www.ecoagroresources.com.