Ag professionals are always hungry for information, and they’re looking for it online more than ever. For growers, keeping up to date with weather and pest outbreaks can mean the difference between a bumper crop or a bust. Two blogs from Syngenta are helping growers who are increasingly mobile stay connected.

Launched in 2013, the Know More, Grow More (KMGM) agronomy blog features entries from Syngenta agronomic service representatives from around the country who provide timely, localized updates right from the field. Posts include general crop status updates and recommendations for agronomic issues.

“There is a lot of information out there on the Internet for growers,” said Syngenta Agronomic Service Manager Mike Leetch. “However, the advantage of KMGM is how quickly our agronomists are able to create entries that address local issues and publish them online.”

With 70 agronomic service experts at Syngenta, the content on KMGM is continuously updated throughout the year and addresses issues across 20 crop categories and 12 growing regions.

For the 2014 harvest season, KMGM added a special section for Harvest Chasers, a collaboration between sales and agronomy representatives who helped report how well Syngenta corn hybrids and soybean varieties performed on farms in the Midwest.

“Blogging with the Harvest Chasers via Know More, Grow More adds performance insights and helps put a ‘face’ on Syngenta for the growers who use our products,” said Bob Callanan, communications lead at Syngenta. “This effort is a great example of how we are providing growers with the information they need to grow more.”

While KMGM provides agronomic information from Syngenta experts, the Voices 4 Wheat blog tells the story of producing wheat through growers’ and retailers’ firsthand experiences.

Jenny Rohrich, who grows wheat and other crops with her husband, Mark, in Zeeland, North Dakota, joined Voices 4 Wheat for their 2014 growing season. Posts on her personal blog about relocating from California to join Mark went viral, and the exposure helped her connect with other social media-savvy agriculturalists.

“Our partnership with Syngenta through the blog helps us reach out to other growers who may benefit from our experiences growing wheat, such as late planting in 2014 or deciding when to harvest,” Rohrich said.

While the focuses of KMGM and Voices 4 Wheat are different, the end goal is the same: Provide timely, useful information for our readers.

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