With the introduction of AgriTrap, Koppert is adding a new product to its range of products combating pests insects. The product has a natural basis, and has a rapid effect, and is ideal for use in integrated strategies.

AgriTrap is a product based on natural polysaccharides. These are able to trap small pests such as aphids, whitefly, psyllids, scale insects, gall mite and spider mite. AgriTrap is suitable for most horticultural and fruit crops, and ornamentals.

This suspension concentrate works quickly and effectively. It is safe for most natural enemies and is therefore ideal for use in integrated systems. It also has no negative effect on bumblebees.

A treatment of 1.000 – 2.000 litres of spray solution per hectare is required, depending on the plant's stage of growth. Do not mix AgriTrap with other products. AgriTrap leaves no residue and no waiting time is required before harvesting. The product is simple to apply with standard spray equipment. It is also important to completely wet the underside of the leaves with the product and to never apply in direct sunlight or in temperatures above 30°C.