Fun, Character-Driven Segments Help Promote Propane’s Advantages for Agriculture.

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) today launched “Our Amazing Farm,” a series of three safety awareness videos designed for children and youths to better understand farm safety and propane’s role in helping to feed the world in a sustainable way.

The three video segments — “Propane Safety,” “Play it Safe on the Farm,” and “Sustainability: Creating a Better Tomorrow” — focus on propane’s role on the farm, while integrating general and propane-related safety tips.  

The videos are the first component of a comprehensive, propane-focused program about agricultural safety. They feature a high-energy, kid-friendly host, Propane Paul, who interacts with children and other characters while teaching farm safety.  

They teach kids what propane smells like and what they should do in case of an emergency, as well as explaining how to make smart choices about farm and propane safety. For example, kids should play only in designated areas away from machinery and vehicles – and never ride ATVs or bicycles near propane tanks and equipment.

“Propane Paul brings just the right blend of humor, energy, and credibility to the videos, as well as a ‘coolness’ factor that kids of all ages will relate to,” said Stuart Flatow, PERC’s vice president of safety & training.

“The propane industry recognized a need to develop an innovative and sustainable agricultural safety program,” Flatow continued. “Propane is used in a wide range of applications on farms, orchards, and ranches throughout the United States, and there are few agricultural programs or materials that directly address propane safety. Our goal is to change that, with a major emphasis on children’s safety.”

Funded by a grant from CHS Inc., in cooperation with PERC, the program goes beyond traditional safety communication methods to make propane and agricultural safety information more engaging and accessible.

A series of Web-based games and activities targeted to children under 14 years old is also planned, as well as six fun and informative science experiments on videos to educate students about propane in agriculture. PERC will also offer a number of e-learning modules on important safety issues that farmers and ranchers encounter as part of their normal operations.

Bryan Lewis, propane sales director at CHS Inc., noted that farm families are increasingly looking to new communication vehicles such as wireless support and social media to better manage farms, receive information, and communicate with their community and the world. “Our safety communications need to reflect this,” said Lewis. “These innovative videos and Web tools align perfectly with these trends.”

PERC will maximize visibility of the program through an expansive outreach initiative and partnerships with key agricultural and child safety stakeholders. “The outreach program, along with our dynamic resources and tools, will make it easy for everyone to adopt this program. This will ensure that we reach more children and families, and promote greater safety,” added Flatow.

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