Using historical data and algorithms, The Climate Corporation is helping farmers make up-to-the-minute informed operating and financing decisions that improve their products and profitability. This type of "digital agriculture" is this week's featured food world innovator in The Lempert Report Innovation Series.

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The Climate Corporation team of more than 200 scientists, including statisticians, agronomists, climatologists and mathematicians take massive volumes of agronomic and weather data and analyze interactions in the field between the environment and the crop. The company then provides the farmers with the information so they can optimize their daily decision making from field-level insights and soil moisture levels, to crop growth stage and current and future weather.

"This technology will help save the American farm," says Phil Lempert, editor of The Lempert Report. "The scientists also can look at historic droughts and diseases and offer suggestions."

The Climate Corporation's software also can assist farmers as they move into harvest. Farmers can track plant growth, monitor grain moisture by field, and track commodity prices in real time to know just when to harvest and market their grain.

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source: The Lampert Report