Bio S.I.’s Water Doctor Purifies Water Sources With Natural Microbes.

Earth Day can serve as a great reminder to be gentle to the earth. With water accounting for 71% of the Earth’s surface[1], it’s safe to say that waterways deserve great attention when considering conservation efforts this Earth Day. Today there is a concern about water runoff from agriculture land and to a greater extent from home owners’ lawns. Many cities across the nation are looking for ways to help control runoff no matter what the source.  When water runoff flows into lakes, streams, ponds, and oceans, it can have a negative impact. Surface runoff can contaminate water sources, cause eutrophication (algal blooms), and cause health issues for plants and animals. Protecting the waterways with natural microbes and preventing harmful effects from nitrates, phosphates, and synthetic compounds, means a cleaner, healthier, more sustainable eco- system for plants, animals and humans.  This is an issue for all land owners to work on whether you are a home owner, farmer, or commercial property owner. 

Unhealthy water conditions impact fish, livestock, plants, and public drinking water. Bio S.I. Technology ( has developed Water Doctor as an all-natural solution to help improve water condition in any size water source. Water Doctor contains beneficial microbes which, when added to the water, effectively break down organic waste, fertilizer compounds like nitrates, phosphates and other contaminants that can ruin fresh water and make it unsafe or unusable. Water Doctor is not an algaecide, but is an effective method for preventing algal blooms from occurring.

All natural and eco-friendly, Bio S.I.’s Water Doctor contains microbes that digest bottom sludge layers that build up over time, which is helpful in controlling the outbreak of algae and moss. Unlike other solutions, Water Doctor is safe for humans and animals while encouraging essential water plant health.  One quart of this product can treat up to 1,000 gallons of water.

“Chemicals are not always the solution to maintaining and restoring water quality, they are in fact, disrupting the health of our water system in many cases,” says Wanye Tucker, CEO of Bio S.I. Technology, “We need to return to naturally made products that not only reduce toxicity in the eco-system, but sustain the long-term vitality of our most precious resources. These beneficial microbes have a purpose in purifying the environment. Let’s put them to work.”

Water Doctor is available in pints, quarts, gallons, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and even larger sizes by request.  When using Water Doctor, first determine the source of the problem before applying Water Doctor.  Water Doctor does not provide overnight results, but with proper application achieves longer lasting, higher quality improvements. 

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