AgriCharts, the agricultural commodity division of Barchart, announces the release of a new online platform, named the AgriCharts Grain Offer System, which modernizes the buying and selling of physical grain between grain elevators and farmers. With the AgriCharts Grain Offer System, both producers and buyers of grain, including corn, soybeans and wheat, will be able to transact orders from their desktop, phone or tablet. The AgriCharts Grain Offer System is completely web-based and leverages advanced technologies including cloud-based infrastructure from Amazon Web Services. The Grain Offer System further complements the range of web-based market data and trading services AgriCharts provides to the agricultural industry.

"The platform we've built for trading physical grain uses an incredibly simple interface and has built-in automatic notifications to keep both buyers and sellers aware of activity," said Mark Haraburda, Managing Director of AgriCharts. "The AgriCharts Grain Offer System will also be provided at no cost to both grain buyers and producers. We will of course offer a premium version, but for the majority of the marketplace, our free version will certainly meet their needs," added Haraburda.

The AgriCharts Grain Offer System has many features designed for both buyers and sellers of grain.

For Grain Merchandisers and Elevators:

  • Seamlessly integrate online offers into your website.
  • Monitor your elevator's farmer offers against CBOT prices.
  • Receive text and/or email notifications of changes in an offer status.
  • Download and sort reports of all current and archived offer activity.
  • Sync offer activity with your accounting system using our simple API.
  • Customize alerts when offers are within a specified value away from matching.
  • Create offers on-the-fly for a farmer.
  • Easily create and view farmer accounts on your custom dashboard.

For Farmers:

  • Register, subscribe and login to your own version of the Grain Offer System to begin creating and managing offers with your elevator.
  • Easily create and cancel your own offers.
  • Receive text and/or email notifications of offer status changes.
  • Download and sort reports of your current offer activity and history.

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source: PR Newswire