Senator Rand Paul’s first Iowa radio ad will begin airing on farm radio Wednesday decrying the Obama Administration’s land grab of Iowa farmland:  

“In Washington, DC, President Obama and the EPA are trying to quietly begin the greatest government land grab in Iowa history,” says Paul, a Republican candidate for president and United States Senator from Kentucky. “Obama’s looming ‘Waters of the US’ regulation, will place 97% of Iowa land and every farm under greater government control by the federal government.”

The ad goes on to highlight the devastating consequences of the new regulation. Paul then pledges to reverse this regulation on his first day in the White House. 

The American Farm Bureau recently detailed the potential effects this could have on Iowa farmland: “Farmers’ and ranchers’ ability to remain in production often depends on being able to use the types of farm practices that would be prohibited if EPA denies a permit for them. For example, building a fence across a ditch, applying fertilizer or pesticides, or pulling weeds could require a federal permit. The proposed rule, in effect, would give EPA veto authority over a farmer’s or rancher’s ability to operate.”

Former Iowa Farm Bureau President Craig Lang excoriated the proposal saying, “The President’s overreach with the EPA is like putting Iowa farms under the control of Washington bureaucrats. It's like a great big nail in a tire tractor, slowly letting the air out of Iowa agriculture.”

The ad will run on ag radio stations throughout Iowa, starting with the Big Show on WHO Des Moines.

The radio ad can be heard here: