West Central Distribution’s proprietary ortho-ortho EDDHA chelating agent is introduced in a new form that improves phosphorus and micronutrient efficiency.

Levesol DFC™, a dry fertilizer compatible version, joins the original Levesol™ as another option for growers to maximize the potential of phosphorus and micronutrients in their soil and in their fertilizer all season long. Last year, West Central Distribution introduced Levesol a first-of-its-kind chelating agent that enhances and maximizes nutrient efficiency for crops when mixed with liquid fertilizer. Levesol DFC provides the same benefits as the original Levesol and is formulated for impregnation on dry fertilizer to be applied in-furrow or in a band. When proper mixing and handling instructions are followed, Levesol DFC will not affect how you handle your dry fertilizer. It stays flowable during impregnation and application, and won't stick to your equipment. Even cool weather won't change how this new chelating agent works.

Micronutrients in the soil can bond with negatively charged components like phosphorus (P) and get tied up in the soil. When this happens, the nutrients are not available for plant uptake. Levesol and Levesol DFC are the only patent pending chelating agents on the market, and use the purest and highest concentration of ortho-ortho EDDHA formula available to fully protect nutrients from bonding with negatively charged soil components. Keeping nutrients from bonding together makes them soluble for uptake, which leads to greater nutrient availability and, ultimately, increased plant health and return on investment for growers. Soil extraction studies have shown up to 47% more phosphorus and higher levels of micronutrient availability when applying a starter fertilizer program with Levesol DFC versus without. This nutrient availability can result in faster and more even emergence for better yields.

“Levesol and Levesol DFC provide a solution for growers to combat nutrient deficiencies in their plants. Whether it’s phosphorus, zinc, manganese, iron or copper, all of these nutrients are great examples of nutrients that can be present in the soil, but not available to the plant,” said Brian Kuehl, director of product development for West Central. “Levesol DFC is a new technology growers can use to help make those nutrients in their soil and in the fertilizer they are applying more available for their plants.”

For more information about Levesol, visit www.PremiumFertilizer.com/Levesol.