AAEA Leadership Presents to International GMO Conference.

It is one of the most hotly-debated topics in agriculture today. Genetically modified foods are seen by some as a way to increase a growing demand for food worldwide. Others see it as an attack on food safety and the environment.

Agricultural & Applied Economic Association (AAEA) President-Elect Jayson Lusk will be among the keynote speakers at the seventh International Conference on Coexistence between Genetically Modified (GM) and non-GM based Agricultural Supply Chains. It takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 17-20.

“Biotechnology is an important tool that can address key agricultural changes,” Lusk said. “Yet, the technology needs to peacefully co-exist with organics and non-GMOs.”

Lusk, the author of “The Food Police: A Well-Fed Manifesto about the Politics of Your Plate”, will focus at the conference on consumer concerns and knowledge of genetically modified foods.

 “A key takeaway is that most consumers in the U.S. remain unknowledgeable about the subject,” Lusk said. “And while they say they prefer mandatory labels in polls, they also defer to experts and regulatory agencies to adjudicate the issue.”

AAEA Fellow Dr. David Zilberman, professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California at Berkeley, will present to the international audience gathered to discuss best practices and government policies. Dr. Zilberman has also served as a consultant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the World Bank.