Indoor Farms of America, LLC, an innovator and maker of unique commercially viable Vertical Aeroponic Crop Growing Equipment designed for large scale agricultural production, recently announced that after nearly two years in R&D, it has launched full production availability of its game-changing indoor farming systems, designed to help farmers achieve far higher yields and profitability in their operations.  With proven testing– leafy greens, herbs, peppers and strawberries in its revolutionary equipment at an astounding 40 plants per square foot of area, the company has leapfrogged every other form of growing equipment in the marketplace.

"Our product line spans small footprint indoor farms that can immediately and economically address and solve the widespread problem of 'Food Deserts,' to the largest indoor agriculture operations planned today, and the vertical equipment gives existing greenhouse operators the ability to increase their actual crop yield up to 10 times in the same space they currently occupy compared to typical equipment in use today," said David Martin, CEO of Indoor Farms of America. "For example, our farm based in a shipping container nearly triples the closest competitor in real growing capacity, and our price structure is extremely favorable compared to other equipment. At under $8.00 a plant site, compared to $30 a plant site for a complete farm from others, you recapture your investment in under one year, and we do it in a fraction of the physical space. For large scale operators, nothing matches our 40 plants per square foot growing in any area with a ceiling height of just 8 feet."

During the past 2 years, the company developed multiple proprietary elements that make its controlled environment growing system unique, and has numerous patents pending.

All forms of the company's equipment are now available.  "Precision-controlled farms growing abundant, all-natural and non GMO food in a manner that ensures the financial success of the farm operator is our core mission," says Ron Evans, company President.

"Our first customers have all done their homework and compared all existing equipment companies. Each one came to the same conclusion– that we have the best solution for indoor farming from every perspective, meaning lower costs to build, lower labor costs, extremely easy to plant and harvest, and all-naturally grown produce that passed a 'Taste Test' of over 30 Chefs from the Las Vegas Strip," said Evans.