The National Alliance for Environmental Reform (NAER) recently released a “powerful and provocative” new documentary film entitled “Dead Harvest,” about the devastating impact federal laws and environmental lawsuits restricting water are having on farms, towns and agricultural workers in California’s Central Valley, and increasingly on the state’s urban areas.

Written and directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Ray McNally, “Dead Harvest” can be viewed at

“California’s Central Valley is the most abundant and productive agricultural land in the world,” said NAER board member Jack Stewart, who recently retired as president of the California Manufacturers and Technology Association.

“From fruits, nuts and vegetables, to beef, milk and cheese, a quarter of America’s food is produced here — and yet nearly a million acres have already been forced out of production because of a relentless onslaught of lawsuits filed by environmental groups that want to return large portions of the valley to desert by cutting off its water,” said Stewart.

“Despite costing thousands of jobs and billions in lost economic activity, virtually no one living outside the valley knows what’s happening here,” said Stewart. “‘Dead Harvest’ brings the crisis to life, detailing the devastating human and economic cost of these lawsuits, the hypocrisy of those filing them, and the damage they’re doing to California’s economy.

“It’s a powerful and provocative story that’s finally being told.”