Ag and turf producers throughout the Midwest are the benefactors of a long-term agreement between Nebraska-based Kugler Co. and Wisconsin-based Hydrite Chemical Co. as the production of Kugler KQ2517 High Potassium plus Sulfur (Potassium Thiosulfate, 0-0-25-17S) expands to the eastern corn belt. Under development for nearly a year, KQ2517 is now being manufactured for Kugler in Hydrite Chemical Company’s Terre Haute, Indiana facility, ensuring a reliable supply in virtually all major corn producing states.

KQ2517 can be applied throughout the growing season and may be applied as a sole source of potash and sulfur, or blended with nitrogen (N) and P205 sources to provide a desired N-P-K blend with sulfur. Meanwhile, KQ2517 gives the turf professional a completely soluble potassium and sulfur product that allows immediate plant utilization through root uptake and foliar feeding.  

It can also be applied as a foliar feed, or injected through an irrigation system to correct potassium deficiencies and aid in increasing drought resistance and winter hardiness, while overcoming the stress associated with insect and disease pressures. Today's high-tech hybrids demand a different approach to fertility in order to gain optimum return on genetic potential. Through our understanding of the nutrient needs of plants at various growing stages, Kugler Company has developed a full line of effective, results-oriented fertility programs for crop growers.