A new pH balancing carbon surfactant from Max Systems LLC, called Regulator 2.0, promises to return treated irrigation water to the qualities of rainwater.

“Growers often hear or assume that rainfall is better for the crop because it picks up extra nitrogen as it falls to Earth,” says Douglas Stengel, co-owner and business partner in Max Systems LLC. “However, university research has shown that it is actually extra oxygen that it picks up, which is accompanied by energy, to give rainwater that extra boost. In addition, rainfall is free of total dissolved solids, including salts picked up in the soil, which can steal water and energy from plants.”

By lowering the pH of irrigation water with Regulator 2.0, a grower can more effectively replicate rainwater with irrigation. That, in turn, makes nutrients more available to plants and improves the efficacy of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, etc. By applying irrigation water that more closely resembles rainwater, a producer can generally use the lower application rate for chemicals and still get effective control, while reducing costs.

“Equally important, Regulator 2.0 does not add additional salt, like most other pH lowering products do,” Stengel adds. “Sulfates found in other products have no characteristic action on soil except to contribute to the total salt content, which is already high in most areas.”

Instead, Regulator 2.0 is a carbon-based surfactant that containing high amounts of energy and oxygen, which help build more sugar in the plants. Plus, the carbon used in Regulator 2.0 as a carrier moves through the plant much easier than salts, providing better nutrition to the desired plants, while delivering a more fatal dose of any pivot injected herbicides to weeds and grass.

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