KALO, Inc., a supplier of specialty chemicals for the agricultural and professional turf markets, recently announced the introduction of its new Legacy™ soybean inoculant. 

“We’re very excited about the addition of Legacy to our seed care product line,” stated Brett Henson, KALO’s Market Segment Manager, Seed Care Products. “Legacy is a unique two-part soybean inoculant system containing a super-concentrated liquid inoculant and an EPA registered chitosan-based bio-stimulant. When combined, the two-part mixture provides several key benefits, including increased early season vigor, higher stand counts, nematode suppression, and an average yield increase of 4.8 bushels per acre over seeds that have not been inoculated.”

According to Henson, Legacy features a low-viscosity rhizobium extender that is up to 30 percent thinner than the leading extenders on the market, thus eliminating treatment system problems such as bridging or clumping of the seed. Contained within the extender is the chitosan bio-stimulant that triggers a defense response within the plant, leading to the formation of physical and chemical barriers against invading pathogens. 

“Unlike conventional pesticides that offer short-lived protection against diseases and nematodes, the chitosan based bio-stimulant in Legacy elicits a systemic acquired resistance within the plant that lasts the entire growing season,” Henson added. “The result is a superior soybean inoculant that can be applied up to 95 days on untreated seed before planting and still offer exceptional performance.”

Legacy is the latest in a growing line of soybean inoculants by KALO. In addition, KALO has expanded its seed treatment product line to include: COLORIZERSeed Treatment Colorant, CUSTOM COVERAGESeed Treatment Additive Plus Colorant, FREE FLOWSeed Treatment Additive, IMPRESSfor Improved Coverage and Reduced Dust-Off, PIXYSeed Shine and Flow Aid, TURBO CLEANSE Surface Cleaner, EZ-MIZERAtomizing Fixture and the NOVO® Seed Care Prescription Management System. To learn more about these products, please visit www.KaloSeedCare.com.