SenesTech, Inc., a developer of proprietary technologies for managing animal pest populations through fertility control,  announced that jointly with Bioceres, a leading Argentine agricultural biotechnology company1, it will seek Argentine regulatory approval for ContraPest®, SenesTech's patent protected technology for managing rodent pest populations through reducing fertility. Under the agreement, Bioceres, through its subsidiary INMET S.A., will immediately proceed on SenesTech's behalf to obtain necessary governmental approvals to sell and market ContraPest® rodent control technology in agricultural, residential and public transport applications throughout the country of Argentina. Depending on governmental approvals, it is currently contemplated that Argentina is likely to be one of the first countries worldwide in which ContraPest® will be commercially marketed.

Federico Trucco, chief executive officer of Bioceres commented, "As an agricultural science based company, Bioceres is pleased to be asked to take a leadership role in the introduction of SenesTech's revolutionary ContraPest® technology."

Dr. Loretta Mayer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SenesTech, Inc., commented, "We are proud to be associated with Bioceres and look forward to working closely with Federico Trucco, CEO of Bioceres, and the entire Bioceres team. We view this agency agreement as the first step in gaining access to agricultural and urban markets. Bioceres is a fully-integrated agricultural technology company with a strong leadership position in Argentina, a country of 44 million people, and has broad reach throughout Latin America. Moreover, after collaborating with Bioceres for the past nine months, we have nothing but respect for their technical capabilities, not only to represent us with the Argentine government, but also to collaborate with us scientifically.  I couldn't be more pleased to be partnered with Bioceres as we look to obtain the required regulatory approvals and investigate commercial opportunities in the countryside and Buenos Aires."

ContraPest®, SenesTech's patent protected technology for managing rodent pest populations through reducing fertility, is the subject of a pending EPA registration in the United States.  ContraPest® targets the reproductive capabilities of both sexes, inducing egg loss in female rodents and impairing sperm development in males. Using proprietary bait stations, ContraPest® is dispensed in a "rodent-friendly" liquid formulation that promotes the sustained take-up by rodent communities. By reducing rodent reproduction, ContraPest® causes significant declines in these pest populations. Additionally, the reduced reproductive capability keeps the rodent population at a sustained low level, avoiding the population rebound commonly seen after poisoning.

Rodents destroy food reserves, act as vectors of disease, and damage infrastructure. Rats thrive in urban areas throughout the world, where they can gnaw through electric wiring and insulation, and damage fireproofing, thereby creating a fire risk. Rodents can also damage electronic and computer equipment used in places such as mass transit systems. Rats are also found in rice, palm and sugar fields in Southeast Asia, South America and Africa and in food storage facilities where, together with other rodents, they destroy or contaminate as much as 20% or more of food supply.

ContraPest® is designed, formulated and dispensed to be safe for handlers and non-target species such as wildlife, livestock and pets, breaking down into inactive ingredients when it comes in contact with soil or water. In contrast, the historical approach to managing rodent pest populations, rodenticides, carries a high risk of environmental contamination and the poisoning of non-target animals, pets and children.

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