Missouri Farm Bureau and its members across the state are having a week-long party Feb. 5-11. It’s Thank A Farmer Week. This celebration promotes the importance of agriculture and the farmers who work 24/7 to provide products we all enjoy daily.

Agriculture is often the silent ingredient in our lives. We take for granted the variety of food items from which we have to choose each day. But food is only a small part of what farmers give us. Agriculture is the source of many medical and school supplies. It also is a major supplier of clothing and contents for our homes. Many plastics, for example, are derived from agricultural products.  
More than 21 million American workers, 15 percent of the total U.S. workforce, find employment by producing, processing and selling the nation’s agricultural products.
Farm and ranch families comprise slightly less than 2 percent of the U.S. population, yet they produce items for the world. They value preserving the land, caring for the animals and being good neighbors. Today, one farmer produces enough food and fiber for 154 people in the United States and abroad. This means that fewer people make their living from farming, yet all of us rely on its products for our existence.
Throughout history, we have relied on agriculture, just in different ways. Agriculture is a cause to celebrate every day. Join us in saying thank you to the farmers who supply so much.
Source: Missouri Farm Bureau