Like-minded organizations work to raise awareness, reverse the trend.

Niman Ranch and American Farmland Trust announce a collaboration toward a common mission- saving America’s farm and ranch land. As farmland disappears at a rapid rate and family farmers grapple with drought and other challenges related to the changing climate, the organizations have agreed to leverage resources to increase awareness of the loss of farmland, our greatest natural resource.
Roughly 90 percent of farms in the United States are small family farms, managing 63 percent of farmland. With more than half of America’s farmland under their control, helping small farms grow and succeed is vital to keeping farmland in farming and farmers on the land. By working together both organizations can reach a larger audience and raise the visibility of the issues facing farmers across the nation.
“Working with U.S. family farmers is one of Niman Ranch’s founding principles, “says Jeff Tripician, Niman Ranch executive vice president. “It is imperative that we take steps to help farmers stay on the land and by working with American Farmland Trust we can make this happen.”
“Part of our mission is to protect farmland and to help farmers and ranchers stay in agriculture,” said Jon Scholl president of American Farmland Trust.  “It is critical for farmers to have the ability to make a living from their land; companies like Niman Ranch provide family farmers with this opportunity.”
Both organizations hope this collaboration will increase opportunity for U.S. family farmers. To kick off the partnership, Mr. Scholl will speak at the 14th Annual Niman Ranch Hog Farmer Appreciation Dinner in September.