Every once in a while, a weather-related event is so widespread, so devastating, that it has the potential to effect people hundreds of thousands of miles from where it occurred.
The current drought that is blanketing the United States has the potential to be such an event.
It has been confirmed that all of the top ten corn-producing states are experiencing various stages of drought, with the outlook worsening by the week. The states of Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Indiana, South Dakota, Kansas, Ohio and Missouri are all entirely in various stages of drought, as is roughly half of both Minnesota and Wisconsin.
This is the breadbasket of America we’re talking about and it is, quite literally, burning. So, in an attempt to raise awareness about the severity of the situation, and the importance of strong farm policy in a time like this, the National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS)—a coalition of the nation’s crop insurance companies—has taken to Facebook and Twitter to host a 90-day photo contest, featuring real drought photos.
The group has asked farmers and ranchers from across the country to submit photos portraying the severity of the consequences these unpredictable weather conditions can impose on our nation’s farm families. They don’t have to be pretty—just real.
At the close of the contest, the top three photos will be ranked and awarded prizes, including a new iPad and a $500 Visa gift card.
Interested parties should follow NCIS on Twitter and Facebook to upload photos and vote on favorites. To view the official contest rules, please click here.

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