New Opportunity to Adopt-A-Teacher Today!
The Alliance would like to invite members and all agriculture stakeholders to get involved with our Adopt-A-Teacher education program. We invite you to complete the form (click here) and “adopt” an educator in your local community to provide them with agriculture resources.
The first 200 kits will be distributed at no cost to you thanks to a special sponsorship opportunity. Just indicate the name, address, and teaching grade level (if applicable) of the individual that you would like to sponsor. The Alliance will ship a kit, along with a letter recognizing you as the sponsor, to the specified recipient. It could go to a specific teacher, administrator, department or library – you tell us!  Please send completed forms to  [email protected].
Background of Adopt-A-Teacher:
Now in its 15th year, the Alliance’s Adopt-a-Teacher program provides positive, fact-based educational resources about animal agriculture and modern food production as supplemental materials to aid in discussions in classrooms. The program encourages companies or individuals to sponsor a teacher in their community.

Adopt-A-Teacher Kit Contents:
The teacher receives a kit full of grade-appropriate information about modern animal agricultural practices, including DVDs, worksheets, and lesson plans, to aid in discussions that may already be taking place in their classroom about farm animal care.

Special thanks goes to the Institute for Feed Research and Education (IFEEDER) for providing a generous grant of $15,000 to help the Alliance produce and distribute kits.

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