Ag PhD, the leading television show for agronomy information in the United States, announced on November 14th the availability of its Harvest Loss Calculator and Planting Population Calculator on Apple® iOS and Google Android smartphone and tablet devices.

These new apps, sponsored by Case IH, provide tools to help farmers make quick in-field calculations to improve their operations. Producers can download these tools for free from links on the Ag PhD website.

“Our Harvest Loss and Planting Population calculator apps provide concise and valuable information to help farmers make decisions to increase their overall return on investment,” says Brian Hefty, co-host of Ag PhD TV. “I’m using both of these apps already on my farm, and we feel many other farmers will benefit from them, too."

Case IH sponsors Ag PhD’s Iron Talk segment, and this year extended its support to make the Harvest Loss Calculator and Planting Population Calculator apps available to producers.

“We value the insights and expertise Ag PhD brings to agriculture – helping producers be ready to address in-field challenges and take advantage of opportunities," says Julie Rudnick, Product Launch Strategy Senior Project Manager. "We are proud to be part of those efforts and provide new tools to support producers in the field during both planting and harvest seasons.”

Harvest Loss App
The Ag PhD Harvest Loss Calculator allows farmers to estimate yield loss before and during harvest by recording the number of individual corn, soybean, wheat, sorghum, barley or oat seeds found on the ground in a square foot. With this information, the app can calculate the number of bushels farmers have lost per acre.

App users can also enter current crop prices to determine exactly how much money is lying on the ground as harvest loss on a per-acre basis.

“With commodity prices for many crops at record levels, even the loss of a single bushel per acre over an entire farm can translate to thousands of dollars of lost revenue," Hefty says.

Planting Population App
The Ag PhD Planting Population Calculator has two functions. First, during planting season, the app can determine optimum in-row spacing between seeds based upon row width and the desired planting population per acre. Second, after crop emergence, the app allows farmers to determine a stand count by helping them count the number of plants that have emerged in a specific row length.

Download Today
The Ag PhD Harvest Loss and Planting Population Calculator apps are available now. Versions for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch devices can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store. Android apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Harvest Loss Calculator
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Planting Population Calculator
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