Feed the Future’s new Partnering for Innovation program formally launched today at the Ronald Reagan International Trade Center in Washington, DC. The program, supported through the  United States Agency for International Development and Fintrac Inc., aims to engage the private sector and put transformational technologies into the hands of smallholder farmers in developing countries to quickly and sustainably improve their productivity and incomes.
“By fostering partnerships and promoting innovation, we can help unlock the potential of small-scale farmers and catalyze broad-based economic growth and trade to  advance global food security,” Tjada McKenna, Feed the Future’s Deputy Coordinator for Development.
Senior leaders from agribusiness companies, the United States government, research organizations, and the development community gathered at the event, which outlined the Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation program’s four primary components. These include an emphasis on identifying, promoting, and commercializing agricultural technologies for smallholder farmers; developing robust industry partnerships with private and public sector markets; capturing best practices for effective engagement; and managing knowledge and promoting partnerships. These efforts directly support Feed the Future’s primary goal of reducing global poverty and undernutrition.
“Fintrac is proud to support this effort to engage the commercial sector in a way that will, most importantly, make an impact on millions of smallholder farmers,” said Claire Starkey, Fintrac President.

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