Soil-born funguses seemed to have thrived this past growing season; making a strong case for the use of seed-applied fungicides for 2013, says Matt Hubsch, lead agronomist for Legend Seeds.
"Although soil-borne funguses have most commonly been cause for concern in cool, wet conditions, this year has proven that these funguses can be a factor simply when a plant is under stress," Hubsch said.
Hubsch says the critical stress brought on by this season’s drought conditions compromised plants in a similar manner to what he’s seen in cool, wet soil. Fusarium and rhizoctonia root rots were the funguses most prevalent in the hot, dry conditions.
"They wreaked havoc on many fields that were already compromised in terms of yield," he said. "Many samples that had first appeared to be afflicted by phytophthora root rot actually came back from the labs having tested positive for fusarium or rhizoctonia root rot."
Given the current markets, and the fact that data shows that these funguses thrive in more varied conditions than we may have first thought, Hubsch highly recommends the use of a seed treatment like CruiserMaxx®.
"Data has shown an average yield advantage of 4 bushels per acre on fields where seed has been treated," Hubsch said.
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