Legend Seeds launched the Farmers Helping Ranchers fundraising program Oct. 30.
Beginning Oct. 30, the South Dakota-based seed company will donate $10 for new orders of seed corn sold in South Dakota to the rancher relief effort.
"The South Dakota agriculture industry is one big family. When that storm hit, the ranchers had no control over the devastating impact it had on their livestock and livelihood. This is one way we can help our family out west," said Glen Davis, president of Legend Seeds, an independent regional seed company.
Legend Account Manager, Toby Kirsch, announced the start of the Farmers Helping Ranchers fundraising program during the rollover fundraising sale Wednesday at the Platte Livestock Market.
"It feels good to be doing something to help. And, to be part of a South Dakota-based company who stands behind South Dakota ranchers in their time of need," said Kirsch, a third-generation cattle rancher, whose family runs a cow/calf herd near Platte.
To learn more about how you can participate in the Farmers Helping Ranchers Program, visit with your local Legend Seeds representative, or call 800-678-3346.