Birko, a company that provides food safety solutions to the meat, produce and brewery industries, today announced that it has received a patent for its Frostlube technology for pork processing.

Used as a lubricant on gambrel and rail surfaces during blast freezing, Frostlube binds and forms a functional film to displace water and inhibit rusting, which increases the usable life span of gambrels.

“Frostlube is designed especially for pork processors that blast freeze carcasses,” said Dr. Jeremy Adler, Birko’s director of technology and innovation. “It is drip-resistant and its components inhibit spalling, or rail and gambrel flaking, which ultimately increase carcass yield.”

Frostlube effectively enhances lubricity and wearability over a wide interval of temperatures. It is acceptable for incidental food contact and environmentally safe for use in a food processing environment. It can be safely removed by conventional cleaning methods.

In addition to Frostlube, Birko has a complete portfolio of specialized chemical formulations for pork processing. The product line includes proven solutions for hog scalding, defoamer agents, pathogen reduction treatments and application systems, chemistries for gambrel cleaning and oiling, and full plant cleaning and sanitation.