The xForce Squeeze by Pearson Livestock will make your cattle handling easier for both the operator and your livestock.

The xForce works with a Pearson chute to increase the strength through the use of a manually actuated hydraulic device. No electricity is needed, which allows the xForce to be used anywhere. With no motor noise, livestock is less likely to startle.

Minimum effort, maximum hold, no electricity needed!

Older manual chutes required the operator to apply body weight that made the process exhausting. The chutes would only apply an average of twice the body weight of the operator. This would not apply enough holding pressure on animals in the 1,500-pound weight range. The xForce offers a multiplying factor of 10 times or higher, providing as much hold as hydraulic chutes with much less operator effort.

While offering a strong holding squeeze, the pressure releases quickly with a light touch of the lever. There are no mechanical linkages that can bind under pressure.

In addition, the xForce Head Control kit can be easily added to the xForce Squeeze to control the animal's head humanely. The self-catch headgate is easy to use and adds safety for applying ear tags, bolusing and intranasal vaccines.

Pearson xForce equipment will work with any Pearson Livestock chute manufactured from 2003 and onward. You can increase the efficiency of your chute without the cost of chute replacement.

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