Brookside Agra has recently introduced an all-natural component additive called NAT-O to enhance the flavor of feed and liquids for a variety of animal species. Available in powder and liquid form, NAT-O also comes in a USDA NOP Organic Certified formula.

NAT-O is manufactured from carefully selected and safe food raw materials. NAT-O Liquid contains 10% oregano oil, 5% lecithin and 85% water. NAT-O Powder contains 6% oregano oil, 22% calcium carbonate and 72% wheat fiber.

A light brown liquid with a spicy aroma, NAT-O Liquid is recommended for use in milk replacer for newborn piglets and in drinking water for post weaning piglets, through gestation and lactation. NAT-O Liquid is also recommended in drinking water for young poultries, turkeys and rabbits and may be added to milk for young calves.

NAT-O Powder may be added to creep and sow feed, as well as to feed for starter, nursery and grower/finisher pigs. For broiler chickens, NAT-O Powder is ideal in feed for starter, grower/finisher  and laying hens and for normal and extra challenging calves and lambs/goats.

"Brookside Agra introduced the all-natural  and organic NAT-O product lines to make the feed and liquids you give your animals naturally more appetizing so they are encouraged to eat and drink to get the nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy," said Brookside Agra General Manager Chad Vaninger. "NAT-O is safe and effective. We give our Feed Safety Assurance that NAT-O will not harm your animals in any way if used according to the guidelines."