There’s a new weapon that pork producers can get through their Hubbard Feeds dealers to fight the battle against vitality-robbing scours, or diarrhea, in pigs. Utilizing natural defense mechanisms found in plants, Grazix™ is a new gut-health management tool that reduces the incidence of pig scours, speeds up recovery and reduces mortality rates.

Developed by Grazix Animal Health Inc., Grazix captures the highly efficient immune response mechanism, known as Reactive Plant Immunity (RPI), which plants use to protect against and recover from sources of stress.

Dr. Randy Simonson, president of Grazix Animal Health, explains how this natural protection mechanism translates to better swine health: “Our patented extraction process, LiveXtract™, saves the RPI activity until it is needed. When producers administer Grazix orally to baby pigs suffering from scours, the RPI activity activates to neutralize the scour-causing pathogens and support healthy gastrointestinal function, resolving the majority of scours cases in an average of two days.”

Several studies have shown the benefits of Grazix when it’s delivered at the first sign of scours:

  • “Within 24 hours of a single oral treatment of Grazix, 83 percent of piglets suffering from diarrhea were resolved, with another 14 percent resolved within 24-48 hours.
  • Pigs receiving only Grazix in their water for one day had half the mortality rate, at 11 percent, than pigs treated with antibiotics. The antibiotic-treated group had a 21 percent mortality rate.

Ernie Hansen, manager of swine nutrition and tech service for Hubbard Feeds, has worked with Grazix in trials for a number of years. “We’ve found that Grazix is an extremely effective and easy to manage product for piglet diarrhea,” says Hansen.  “If you are looking for a product to address baby pig scours with a high success rate and acceptable costs, then you should consider Grazix Porcine-F or Porcine-W."

“Grazix is also effective in supporting gastrointestinal function through transition periods, such as birth, weaning and transfer from nursery to grow/finish,” Simonson says, “when pathogens could gain a foothold.”

Pork producers can learn more by contacting their local Hubbard Feeds dealer.